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04.30.05 07:11 PM

saucy sauce

jeff chang points out dave mays allhiphop responses to that reginald dennis hiphopdx feature

yet, i'm finidng the benzino allhiphop interview far more interesting

meanwhile, jeff, liz mendez berry, and joan morgan have started a petition to stop sexual discrmination at the source - check it out

i'm just gonna' set back and let all of this marinate - still curious to see what happens with the magazine now that Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe and Jerry Barrow (who at some point or another in one way or another came through the Beat*Down school of hard knocks) are in top posts there

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04.30.05 03:28 PM


click on thumbnails for larger view

sightings: and on the way back from this trip - stopover in detroit, had me bumping into my im-battling nemesis (nah, more like my partna in rhyme and love of hip-hop) hardcore

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04.25.05 01:43 AM

more on hip-hop feminism

julianne begins posting her hip-hop feminism conference notes

Candicissima links to the hip-hop feminist e-group and mentions a call for submissions to Home Girls, Make Some Noise!: Hip Hop Feminism Anthology, which I've been meaning to put up in this space ever since rachel emailed the call last week

It's good to see Rachel back on her grind - she's been trying to work on a hip-hop feminist anthology for some time now

I'm just reall glad to see all of this activity and discussion going on around the role and images of women in hip-hop music and culture

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04.23.05 11:40 AM

there's a blogher conference going on

July 30 in Santa Clara, CA

BlogHer is a network for women bloggers to draw on for exposure, education, and community. By holding a day-long conference on July 30, 2005, and establishing an online hub, BlogHer is initiating an opportunity for greater visibility, learning and success for individual women bloggers and for the community of bloggers as a whole. for more info

Specifically I'd be interested in discussing or hearing about some of the topics that have come up many times w/in my blogfam or here on my own diary (but I'd probably have to propose a talk myself for it to be heard)

My interests would be:

1. The feminist voice in hip hop blogging - where are the feminist hip hop bloggers? what do they have to say? how do they negotiate being feminist with loving hip-hop?

2. An idenity blogging talk that of course includes discussion around race somehow - you know, being a black female blogger - remember where da ladies at? stand up.

3. A topic often discussed, but I don't think I've ever heard full on from a woman's perspective is how journalism and blogging are informing one another. You know the usual journalism .vs. blogging, but with different insight.

4. Music blogging also would be different coming from women, b/c I think they way women would approach enacting with the technologies would be different - hmm, so I guess I'd actually be more interested in the technologies for music blogging as well as the technologies for creting the music. (I've experienced my own little experiments with this in the past.

5. I'd also be interested in learning about turning a blog into your career, for instance I ran across YPulse: Media for the Next Genertaion the other day, and it appears as if this woman has totally turned this into her livelihood. Beyond the google ads, blog ads, industry brains, etc.

(I guess now is as good a time as any for me to share this article : In Search of the Blog Economy that I read in econtent back in Feb.

I'm sure I could come up with more ideas, but that's it for now.

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04.22.05 12:38 PM

gettin' grimy part II


i know my other post about grime had some folks thinking i didn't like the music, or appreciate it. you misunderstood me, really. i'm just asking that we put it in it's proper historical context. i'm also just asking that we give as fair amount of attention to the artists who have been putting in the work to build this musical path for 15 years or more now. as well, there's more than just the streets or dizzee representing. as my boy, canadian freelance writer del says: "Right now for those in the know, Kano is the one to watch on the grime scene."


and a special shout out to harry pitters and mindlab recordings for that matter

in that regard, i seriously recommend that you cop RWD AAA Mixtape Vol. 1.

Here’s the tracklisting…

1. Wiley - (They Just Can't Get Along With) Wiley [Roll Deep Recordings] {Produced by Wiley}
2. JME - Serious [Unsigned] {Produced by JME}
3. Skepta - Private Caller [Mastabeats] {Produced by Skepta}
4. Mondie ft. Flirta D, Ribz, Shizzle, Napper - Pull Up Dat (remix) [Unsigned] {Produced by Dexplicit}
5. Bruza - Get Me [Aftershock] {Produced by DOK}
6. Bruza - What You Waitin For? [Aftershock] {Produced by Terror Danjah}
7. Dogzilla - Hallo [Unsigned] {Produced by Danny Weed}
8. Jammer - Merkle Man Outburst [Jahmek The World] {Produced by Wiley}
9. Roll Deep - When I'm 'Ere [Relentless] {Produced by Danny Weed}
10. Trim ft. Riko & Wiley - Boogeyman [Unsigned] {Produced by Terror Danjah}
11. Newham Generals - Prangaman [Braindead] {Produced by Footsie}
12. Newham Generals ft. Wiley - Prangaman Remix [Braindead] {Produced by Footsie}
13. Akala ft. Riko, Jammer & Ears - Roll Wid Us (remix) [Illastate] {Produced by Dexplicit}
14. Ruff Sqwad - Anna [Unsigned] {Produced by Rapid}
15. Nasty Crew ft. Dynasty - Nasty Bonanza [Heatseeker] {Produced by Agent X}
16. Statik ft. Ghetto & Demon - Never Guess [Highly Flammable] {Produced by Statik}
17. Nasty Crew - City Life [Heatseeker] {Produced by Agent X}
18. Shola Ama - With You [Aftershock] {Produced by Terror Danjah}
19. Riko - Don't Want You Back [Aim High] {Produced by Target}
20. Skepta ft. Chanel - Fly Away [Mastabeats] {Produced by Skepta}
21. Sticky - All I Wanna Do [Tell Dem] {Produced by Sticky}
22. Katie Pearl ft. Jendor - Mr DJ [Paperchase] {Produced by DaVinChe}
23. Scandalous Unlimited ft. Carly Bond - My Life [True Tiger] {Produced by Scandalous Unlimited}
24. Ayak - Grindin (J Sweet rmx) [Unsigned] {Produced by J Sweet}
25. Delinquents - Ghetto Queen [Spoilt Rotten] {Produced by Delinquents}
26. Donae'o - United [UK Panther] {Produced by Donae'o}
27. Statik ft. Gemma Fox, Donae'o, Lethal B, Crazy Titch, Nio & Flirta D - Groupie [Highly Flammable] {Produced by Statik}
28. P Jam ft. Chardonnai & Frisco - Can't Hold It In [Dice] {Produced by P Jam}
29. Unorthodox Family - No Help Or Handouts [Unsigned] {Produced by Silk-E}
30. Ears - Fine Fine [Jahmek The World] {Produced by Lewi White}
31. Flirta D - Warpspeed [Bionic Beats] {Produced by Jiggalo}
32. SLK - Hype Hype [Smoove] {Produced by Sticky}
33. Essentials - Shut Down Shop [Paperchase] {Produced by DaVinChe}
34. The Alliance - Stop [Unsigned] {Produced by DaVinChe}
35. Doctor ft. Riko - Come On [D Power] {Produced by Diesel}
36. Skepta - Dancefloor [Mastabeats] {Produced by Skepta}
37. DPM ft. Napper, Bruza & Shizzle - 'Ave Some Of That [DPM] {Produced by Dubplate Mexx}
38. So Solid ft. Asher D, Face & The Twins - Mandem [So Solid] {Produced by Dan Da Man}
39. Faction G - WMDs [Unsigned] {Produced by R Biz}
40. Backwards Riddim [Lethal Da Bizzle] {Produced by Dexplicit}

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04.21.05 12:01 AM

LG F9100 Joins Messaging Devices

LG F9100
Now that I've tried the Motorola a630 and own a sidekick - this device seems the next likely candidate to take for a swirl. Cingular features it for 99.99, and though it lacks bluetooth and camera it's much lighter than this sidekick i'm carrying around. Sometimes I wonder if I should have gotten one of those Blackberry 7100s instead.

Mobilemedia says:
"The two mysterious keys located to the right of the screen suddenly become apparent; being the soft keys when in messaging mode. The keyboard layout is more spacious than other QWERTY phones; allowing more comfortable and quicker typing with a more tactile feel and touch."

See previous views on messaging devices.

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04.20.05 11:55 AM

she's bizaack

foxy brown - art of war press play to hear this hot track

i thought she was serving straight fire on that 112 remix, then s. really put his $ down to set up for her return

she sounds a little like a cross between s. and shyne, but i'm just happy that she'll finally get something on the shelf

9 years and only 3 albums, something definitely must be said about how the industry treats it's rap females

well, all except missy (who's not really a rapper), but she's also putting out a new joint, it drops on june 28th - go listen to some of that 80's electro throwback noize disguised as the futuristic boom bap

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04.19.05 04:54 PM

this song is just plain nasty

the beat on this "wait (the whisper song)" is so enticing and intoxicating, but this song is just soooo nasty, in a very disturbing way. 1. just because it is. 2. well, the ying yang twins, whispering in your ear, yuck.

video (clean) | audio (dirty)

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04.19.05 02:21 PM

looking for an intern

If you are a college student in the NYC area and are interested in learning the web business from the ground floor up - I'm looking for you. If you don't know what it is that I do, check the bio. This is not an editorial position, though some opportunities may arise. This position deals more with invoices, insertion orders, contracts, proposals, and the like.

If you're interested, send me an email with your resume and "Summer Intern" in the subject.

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04.13.05 12:12 AM

female hip hop droppin' science

It's still winter - but the ladies of haven't been sleeping. Check out their publication Female HipHop Droppin' Science Vol. 1 which is enclosed in March issue of De:Bug magazine. Droppin Science features a timeline on women in hiphop by Jee Nice, essays by Lynne d Johnson, Apolonia, Magali Girault, Moanne81, Raquel Cepeda, Illustrations by Ju Ju, Döri, V.räter, Mythos, Interviews with Ladybug Mecca, Jean Grae, Yo Yo, Bahamadia, Stacy Epps, Medusa and loads more. If you don't feel like reading stuff on paper or are outside Germany, Austria or Switzerland, download a pdf here.

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04.09.05 11:04 PM

are you brown blogging it?


Color or Content: Does Race Matter When You Blog?

Nia (Purpose): To gather, to discuss and to have fun

Lava Gin
116 Avenue C
between 7th and 8th Streets

Sunday April 10 7PM-10PM

find out who will be there -
here and here

i'm trying to be there but i can't make any promises

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04.08.05 11:40 AM

strictly roots day

the first time i heard it, was about a month or two ago, and the riddim just rode through my soul - but now it has become so sticky, especially with hot 97 dj envy and funkmaster flex and mr cee and cipha sounds playing it 3 - 4 x per set

this is..
this is...
this is...

a major tune in the streets right now

it's killing me softly

big ups to jr. gong, nuff respect



"welcome to jamrock" damian "jr. gong" marley

(please could somebody tell itunes to get the rights for this song)

and then go over to afflicted yard to learn about the braeton massacre - rings true to this tune

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04.07.05 09:25 PM

gettin' grimy

grime is not as new as the label mongers - also known as the mainstream american media- would have us believe

case and point: so i'm in london - it's the early 90s - and i'm living it up in peckham - it's the bloody hood right - so i'm mainly doing some tourist attraction shit - until one day a native takes me up to this jam in the park - i don't know maybe it's brockwell park or something - maybe i was in brixton - i don't know - but it's the music scene where everything is happening - you know that soul II soul sound - so i hear some interesting music coming from this awesome sound system (more awesome than some systems i've seen in kingston even ) - it's like reggae, it's like dub, it's like house, it's like hip-hop - all mixed together - it's just music man - the people are jamming - and it's peace

in fact it sounded a lot like what rephlex calls grime - or a little of what roni size does mixed with a little of what slaughter mob does - but just not that futuristic yet - but definitely on some acid tip intermingled with some heavy electro soul

but if you like your grime in some caribbean patois/cockney hardcore biting east coast/west coast rhyme flows over skitter skatter breakbeats (a la dizee) or some lame nelly-flowing limey bloke rhyming every other stanza cat (a la the streets) then you can get your grime elsewhere

maybe you can go and cop that vice run the road ish - actually it ain't bad at all - but truth is it ain't new - damn stop labeling things already and propping them up like there's some new latest thing just b/c you've only recently discovered the sound

oh no, the music critics are coming to get me

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04.06.05 04:13 PM

guess who's going to microsoft country?


More Info

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04.04.05 03:49 PM

this icon was made by the Abi-Station

i suppose i'm bored with blogging again - or just too overwhelmed to make it interesting - what do you expect? it's been 4 yrs that i've been doing this thing


a few months ago i brought you the what if i were a southpark character icon - and now i bring you this version


go make your own avatar


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