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09.27.04 12:18 PM

where's the originality

Now I know I'm getting too old for this rap shit. First you got Guerilla Black sounding and looking like the Notorious B.I.G. and then this kid Angelous who sounds similar to Jay-Z. Alright, alright, perhaps it's not a gimmick and this is exactly what these cats sound like. Given that, they can't help what that their true voices sound exactly like two superior BK lyricists. But I'm saying yo' I can't do this repeat stuff. It's one thing to sound similar to someone else, but when your flow and cadences come off exactly alike, I don't know I'm questioning the A&R. And will this familiarity cause those of us who love the originals to bank on the facsimiles? I don't know.

angelous.jpg gcity_mini.jpg

If you've heard neither of these cats yet, do the little click skip to some time today - we plan to have some content up.

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09.24.04 11:27 PM

call for submissions for hip-hop writers


My name is Mazi Mutafa, Executive Director of WBL Inc., a hip-hop non profit in
the District of Columbia, USA. I am writing to spread the word about our
academic journal of hip-hop culture. I am sending you this e-mail with the
hope that you will do one if not all of the following:

1) Please forward the attached call for submissions to any e-mail lists you have
access to

2) Create a link on your site to ours ( or

3) Submit any work that you have which you want to showcase in our journal

Hope to hear from you soon about which if any of these things you can do.

Mazi Mutafa

Call for Submissions

The WB&L Hip-Hop Journal is currently requesting the submission of content for
Volume 2 Issue 1-4. The forms which that content can take are as follows:
Submission Forms

Scholarly Submissions
• Research Papers
• Scholarly Reviews of albums, films, or shows
• Interviews

Multi Media
• Visual art
• Photography
• Music
• Beats
• Spoken word

Creative Writing
• Essays
• Poems
• Short stories
• Editorials

Youth Submissions
• “What’s the Vocab?” (Regional slang terms: include definition and use),
In an effort to make the WB&L Journal more accessible to youth of all ages,
volume two has a new section called “What’s the Vocab”. This is a section of
the journal that will allow youth of all ages the opportunity to be published.
Words should also include the definition, be used in a sentence and indicate
region in which it is used.
• High school Senior essay submission
In an effort to reduce debt for college freshman, the WB&L Journal has partnered
with Phi Beat Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapter to create two
$500 book scholarships for high school seniors who have been accepted to
college. The recipients of the scholarship will be determined via an essay
competition. Details of the competition will be made available in January
2005. Any questions can be directed to the staff of the WB&L Journal at

Process of Submitting

All submissions are accepted on a continuous basis and need not be limited to
the themes outlined below. All submissions designated as scholarly, require an
abstract of 150 words or less and upto 5 key words. All scholarly submissions
should also follow the Associated Press (AP) style guide. Please send all
submissions to:
In the case of Compact Disks
WB&L Journal 1327 R St NW Suite 23 Washington DC 20001

All submissions should use the following format parameters as a guide and should
be submitted as an attachment in 12 point font, Times New Roman font. The
authors inability to submit work to be considered that reflects these
parameters will affect who is chosen for publication in print and or

Submission Formats

WB& L Journal
Submission Type Format
Original Scholarship 3,000 Words
Lyrics 150-300 words
Poems 150-300 words
Art Work PDF, GIF, TIF or JPEG
Media Reviews 2,000 words (e.g. albums, films, etc)
Interviews 1,500 words
Beats or 15 seconds
Songs 8 min max
Slang terms 10-15 word definition and 100 words history of word or explanation
of use
High School Senior Essay Scholarship 1000 words

Due Dates for Publication or Uploading Submissions
*These submissions are accepted on a year round basis and are due at the
specified date below. Submissions need not be limited to these topics. Each
submission will be reviewed and selected based upon the merit and quality of
the submission.

Schedule of Topics and Due Dates:

The following are the themes of the WB&L Journal in Volume 2 Issue 1-4, as
determined by the editorial staff:

April Volume 2 issue 1
WB&L Journal:

1. Topic: The Golden age of Rap Music: 1986-1995
Call for submission: 1/12/05
Submission due: 2/23/05

Rap music has gone through many stages of growth. Many hip-hopers and Rappers alike point to the late 80’s and early 90’s as the golden age of Rap Music. It is during this period that artists like KRS-One, MC Lyte, Yo-Yo and N.W.A. captured the national imagination with this new form of music called Rap. Inan effort to celebrate, critique and understand the contributions of artists
during this era, submissions are being requested to archive the story of this
era in Raps development.

Volume 2:1 “Express Yourself Mix Tape”
Submission due: 2/23/05
Songs, beats, and Public Service Announcements are being requested for the
Express yourself Mix tape

July Volume 2 issue 2
WB&L Journal

2. Topic: Kung Fu and Capoera: The Early Influences of Hip-hop dance and the B-Boy/B-Girl
Call for submission: 3/31/05
Submission due: 5/20/05

Early b-boys like the rest of the hip-hop community found themselves looking for
inspiration in multiple forms and mediums. One of the earliest influences of
the first hip-hop dancers was Kung Fu films, Capoera and Disco. In many ways
the early b-boys reflected and resisted these cultural phenomena. This issue
is focused on understanding all of the elements of b-boy culture, from dress,
to dace, to world view. The b-boy is not an anomaly in hip-hop, but rather a
physical representation of the rebellious and eclectic nature of the culture.

October Volume 2 issue 3
WB&L Journal

3. Topic: Spinning the Wheels of Steel: DJ’s Fading and Mixing Planets into
Call for submission: 6/9/05
Submission due: 8/6/05

In contemporary hip-hop, the DJ in some instances is as prominent as the MC.
>From the mix tapes, to the battles, it is the DJ who decided what gets heard.
It is the DJ that creates one continues vibe that guides the listeners into
becoming active participants in the culture of hip-hop. She makes the part
hot, or the mix tape popular. She is the true director of the hip-hop
orchestra. This has been the case form the very beginning of hip-hops
emergence in the late 70’s. Submissions should reflect the history, relevance
and innovations of the DJ over the pat 40 years or so. The submissions need
not be confined to hip-hop DJ’s but can include DJ’s from through out the
Diaspora. They can also represent different musical traditions along with
technical papers about the affect of innovations in equipment upon the ability
of a DJ to move a crowd.
Volume 2:2 “Express Yourself Mix Tape”

January Volume 2 issue 4
WB&L Journal
4. Topic: City Full of Walls: Graffiti and Mural in Urban Landscapes
(Visual Art Issue)
Call for submission: 9/13/05
Submission due: 11/20/05

written in big block silver letters
traveling from burrow to burrow
with the writing on the wall for all to see
but hard to read cause it aint for everybody
coded language has always been part of our history
truths carved out by modern day poets, outlaws and artists
who had dreams of justice but wrote what they seen
it’s a crime that city streets are filled
with obscene wealth and destitute poverty simultaneously

This issue is a visual issue featuring graffiti crews, visual artists and
photographers from around the world. Submissions about the history of
graffiti, murals and styles will also be accepted. Submissions related to best
practices for creating murals in communities will also be solicited
submissions. If you live in a city with phenomenal murals, tags, train cars
and throw ups or are and individual artists, photographer of hip-hop culture,
part of an organization or crew this issue is for you.

“Express Yourself Mix Tape”
Submission due: 11/20/05
Songs, beats, and Public Service Announcements are being requested for the
Express yourself Mix tape

Review and Selection Process
All submissions will be reviewed by WB&L Journal Staff and Editors from
throughout the United States. If an article is selected for publication in the
print version of the WB&L journal but requires minimal editing, it will be done
by the WB&L copy editors. Details about the editing process will be sent along
with constructive feed back from the editors for resubmission that require more
Publishing Dates

Uploading of E-WB&L Journal:
• April 1st
• July 1st
• October 1st
• January 1st

Submission Checklist:
Any submission which does not meet the parameters outlined below will be
immediately returned to the author. This form in in entirety must acomany any
submission inorder to be considered fro publication. Please Copy and paste
this document and make it the first page of your submission(s).
My name is _________________________
And today’s date is ___________________
The name of my submission is ______________
I live in ______________ (city) ______ (State)
I attend(ed) _______________________ University
I am pursuing/ received a degree in ________________________
I learned about your journal from
E-mail List Which one? ________________
A friend
Web search
Professor Which one? ________________
Direct mailing for WBL
Someone published by the journal Who? ________________
Member of Journal editorial board Who? ________________
PSA On which Radio Station? ________________

(Please check one)
Original Scholarship 3,000 Words (Actual word count
Lyrics 150-300 words (Actual word count
Poems 150-300 words (Actual word count
Work PDF, GIF, TIF or JPEG (300DPI)

(Actual word count __________)
Media Reviews 2,000 words (Actual word count
Interviews 1,500 words (Actual word count
Beats 15 seconds (Actual word count
Songs 8 min max (Actual word count
Slang terms 10-15 word definition and 100 words
history of word and use
(Actual word count __________)
High School Essay 1000 words (Actual word count __________)

My submission fits in with the _______________________ themed issue
My submission does not fit into any of the themes but is about

My scholarly submission includes an abstract of 150 words or less and up
to 5 key words.

My scholarly submissions follows the Associated Press (AP) style guide.

My submission is an attachment in 12 point font, Times New Roman font.

I understand that by submitting this e-mail I give WBL the authority to
publish my work.

My submission does not meet the work count parameters, but I want it to
be considered fro the online publication

Please send all submissions to:
In the case of Compact Disks
WB&L Journal 1327 R St NW Suite 23 Washington DC 20001

Words, Beats & Life Mission Statement

"Words Beats and Life seeks to promote a sense of community in the D.C.
Metropolitan area by using Hip-Hop to cultivate opportunities for scholarly
and artistic expression."

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09.23.04 10:08 PM

talk about campaigning

I don't know if any of you have been following Showtime's American Candidate. I have of course, because I was banking on Keith Boykin winning. That he's no longer in the game was a bit emotional for me. I found him to be one of the most eloquent of the bunch, and as well, I felt that he really had a plan. But it's cool for Keith, as he's gearing himself up for the release of his new book Beyond the Down Low : Sex and Denial and Black America. That title will undoubtedly draw some controversy and some critical acclaim.

The point of this post was that I just received an email relating to American Candidate, which proves that in the final rounds, the candidates are pulling all the tricks out their bags. I'm not knocking it, at least their not saying, "Vote or Die!"

So here's what was contained in the email. You do what you wish with the information. I'm not mad at it, I mean this was Keith's partner through and through and you could really feel it in their last embrace. To get the full impact of the message I received you've got to scroll. I'm displaying it exactly as it appeared in the email via But don't act to quickly, 'cuz following that email, I'll show you a little surprise from Keith and it's something I think is quite fair of the network to offer to the people-at-large.

Subject: Hip-Hop Activist Malia Lazu One of the Last Standing on Showtime's American Candidate
Date: September 23, 2004 7:15:44 PM EDT

Vote for Malia Crescencia Lazu

Your American Candidate!!


We made it. All of your support and hard work has paid off. I am one of the FINALIST’S for American Candidate. I am the only progressive in the race, I am the only person of color in the race and I am the only person who has proven leadership working for underrepresented Americans.

You have to look no further than the success of Mass VOTE in raising voter turn out consecutively since 1999.

Working in coalition to create, the Young Voter Alliance, the only youth 527 in 5 swing states id’ing young people and getting them to elect DEMOCRATS in 2004!

Mentoring a dozen young people through out this country, helping create organizations like the League of Young Voters and the National Hip Hop Political Convention

I decided to run for American Candidate to being new idea’s new energy to a political process that has disillusioned millions of Americans.

How to vote for Malia Lazu-

1) Watch American Candidate at 9:00 pm this Sunday on SHOWTIME to get Malia’s 1800 number

2) Call the number to vote for Malia.

3) Text message and e mail your friends my 1800 number and tell them to call



But then again...

Guess Who's Back?

By Keith Boykin
September 23, 2004 10:04 AM

KeithGuess who's back? Yes, I am coming back to American Candidate. I will be on the show this Sunday night at 9 p.m. for a special appearance. And you will finally have a chance to vote for me. You can only vote on Sunday night and the votes will be tallied immediately following the show.

Here's how it works. Episode 8 will air on Sunday, September 26 at 9 p.m. on the East Coast and again at 9 p.m. on the West Coast. At the end of the episode, America will vote to determine which candidates will move on to episode 9 and which will be eliminated. Each will be assigned a toll-free telephone number and a text messaging number (there is a small charge to send a text message). The numbers will be announced to the public at the end of the episode...

The public will be able to vote for exactly 2 hours after the airing of the
episode on each coast. The polls will be open from approximately 9:45 p.m. EST until approximately 11:45 p.m. EST following the East Coast airing,
and again from approximately 9:45 p.m. PST until approximately 11:45 p.m. PST following the West Coast airing.

There will be no voting by internet, but the assigned numbers will be posted on the website at the conclusion of the East Coast broadcast of the episode (approximately 9:45 p.m. EST).

Many of you have asked how you can support my campaign. Well now is the time. Please watch on Sunday and vote immediately after the show. Thanks once again.

I shudder to think that had I not checked Keith's site, right before posting this I would have been totally in the dark.

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09.23.04 09:07 PM

stamp of approval

danaowens.jpgThis couldn't have come at a better time, especially with all the buffonery she's gotten herself into in the film arena lately. As far back as Black Reign when I heard her sing "Winki's Theme" honoring her brother, I knew she had chops. From there I started thinking what would happen if she did an R&B album? Then after her minor role as a soulful lounge singer in Living Out Loud, I started thinking she should certainly do a jazz album. And finally an answer has arrived with the Dana Owens Album, which must have been inspired by her appearance in Chicago. The album, a collection of 12 of her favorite soul, blues, and pop songs ranging from the '20s to the '70s, is refreshing and will without a doubt garner her a new fan base. Let's just thank ourselves that she's being unlike Will Smith and has realized that a hip-hop album is not what anyone wants from her. Man first Anita Baker makes a comeback and now this. I can not contain myself.

Have a listen:

California Dreamin'

I Put A Spell On You

Baby Get Lost

The Same Love That Made Me Laugh

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09.23.04 12:33 PM

I'm Already A Fan

Felicia Pride, you go girl with your blacklist. I hope she can fill in where coloredgirls dropped off, though my bets are on that zakia will revisit that in time enough. and though ron's mosaic magazine is set to make a comeback, i still think we need more folks talking about black writers and authors, b/c truth be told, the masses still think that we don't read, or probably now they believe that we all read ghetto lit.

troy still has african american literature book club afloat and has even found a way to earn some revenue. and of course we all know about black issues book review. but i seriously think felicia is onto something different here - for one i see a heavy focus on music related titles or authors who have written about music or who are music writers themselves. what i'm especially digging is this conversation with Mark Anthony Neal, whose next project is That’s the Joint! The Hip-Hop Studies Reader, and Gwendolyn Pough, who authored Check It While I Wreck it: Black Womanhood, Hip-Hop Culture, and the Public Sphere.

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09.23.04 01:55 AM

i haven't known what to say...

now, i didn't really know aaron. at least not in the way that george, or jason, or ej or some others did. i mean certainly he was one of my friends on orkut and yes since i've been blogging since 2001, we've come into contact. but direct communication, i did not have with him. so when i heard the news, i felt so out of touch, so disconnected. for one, because in all these years, i had never really connected with him - and lately i haven't really connected with anyone who i've been known to call my blogfam. so i felt kind of numb.

what i do know is that i respected aaron and his blog. i thought him otherworldly - and i mean that in a positive sense. with all my pop cultural mutterings, i just never really saw myself as being in his universe, b/c he was just so brilliant and so all-over-the-place (in a good way) with his commentary. what else i know, is that the one or two times that i checked my stats to find that aaron had mentioned me or linked me that i was like "whoa!" i didn't even know that he knew i existed, for a long while i had no idea and had no reason to fathom such.

so when i received a couple of IMs about it - i was dumbfounded. i wanted to know where i'd been, why i hadn't known sooner. and it's b/c i've been so out-of-touch, wrapped up in many things that have become my new life. and i realize that i miss this life, this blogging life, just like i miss aaron's presence out here in this other world that we have created.

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09.23.04 12:58 AM

it's emp pop conference time again

Music as Masquerade:
Poseurs, Playas, and Beyond

The 2005 Experience Music Project Pop Conference
Seattle, WA
April 14 - 17, 2005

Decades ago, Johnny Rotten snarled "We mean it, man." By now, presumably, we've all stopped caring whether he was kidding or not. So substitute a different icon: X-Ray Spex's Poly Styrene, singing "I am a poseur and I don't care / I like to make people stare! If rock valued sincerity and postmodern pop a kind of deliberate artifice, contemporary writing about music seems much more to stress the overlapping power of both modes. This can be seen in the explosion in academic work on blackface minstrelsy, the dominance of hip-hop with its fused notions of realness and fronting, and our increased awareness of pop's hybrid history and global variants.

For this year's Pop Conference, we invite papers or other presentations that look at how performances of identity, as much as choices of sound or lyrics, anchor the musical process.

As examples only, presentations might focus on:
-- Drag, punk, opera, and other acts of transformation
-- The central role of race in setting the terms for musical impersonation
-- Public settings like carnival or the rock concert, where anything goes
-- Private settings like the home studio or web, where no one is watching
-- Boundaries of genre, subculture, profession, media or technology
-- The musicology and ethnomusicology of crossover sounds
-- Localized and international variations of musical masking
-- Pop hooks as a sort of masquerade; also musical marketing
-- Music we get grief for liking or writing about: our own masquerades
-- The masks of youth and modernity often imposed on pop
-- Classical, jazz, folk, and country as poses.
-- Schtick of any kind

The EMP Pop Conference first convened in Spring 2002 and is now entering its fourth year. The goal has always been to bring academics, writers, artists, fans, and other participants into an all-too-rare common discussion. Proposals are judged by liveliness of prose as much as pertinence of topic. Most presentations are of the 20 minute panel talk variety, but unorthodox suggestions are our favorite kind and we can support a wide range of technological experimentation. Previous year's conferences have resulted in the anthology This is Pop (Harvard, 2004), a forthcoming issue of Popular Music, and such highlights as the ego trip Wheel of Topics and the unveiling of "critical karaoke."

The members of this year's program committee are: Robert Fink (UCLA), Sasha Frere-Jones, (The New Yorker, the Sands). Judith Halberstam (USC), Marybeth Hamilton (Birbeck College, University of London), journalist Joan Morgan, Mark Anthony Neal (Duke), Ann Powers (EMP), Stephen Rumph (University of Washington), Johnny Temple (Girls Against Boys, Akashic Books), and Eric Weisbard (EMP organizer). The conference is sponsored by the Seattle Partnership for American Popular Music: EMP, KEXP FM, and the University of Washington School of Music.

Proposals of about 250 words are due Wednesday, December 15, and should be accompanied by a brief bio and full contact info. Email Eric Weisbard directly at with your proposals, as well as questions about the theme, your topic, or the conference in general. For more information on previous conferences, including a full range of participants and abstracts, go to:

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09.20.04 10:54 AM

P2P Radio Gets A Boost

As folks worry more and more about downloading music files, unless their using the new Napster or Apple iTunes Music Store, there is a new technology springing up that also taps into the social networking category. The new software under development will enable users to share streams with one another as opposed to downloading. What's interesting is the the new MSN Music Service will do something a little similar, enabling users to view what their other MSN buddies are listening to, as well as tap into top radio stations across the country. But remember all this stuff is in development, so who knows what any of these services will truly allow.

Mercora is another company pushing P2P Radio, yet it acts a lot more like Launch radio in that users build a customized station.

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09.17.04 05:18 PM

does the source advocate gay bashing?

it would seem so, since their dancehall nominated artists are all currently under fire for lyrics that promote violence against lesbians and gay men. unfortunately it would seem that i'm an advocate since i rock the riddims of many of these artists - which of course would be so contradictory in my case. however, i understand that jamaican culture is a very different culture than either american or british, yet killing people whose orientation you feel is an abomination is simply ludicrous.

anyway, here's the story:

"(New York City) Five singers who advocate the murder of gays and lesbians have been nominated for the prestigious Source Hip-Hop Music Awards 2004, to be held in Miami on October 10.

Elephant Man, Sizzla, Vybz Kartel, T.O.K., Beenie Man have been nominated in the category ‘Dancehall-reggae artist of the Year’.

All have released records variously inciting the shooting, burning, drowning and hanging of lesbians and gay men.

The nominations were announced at a time when the singers are under scrutiny by gays for their music.

Last week, The organizers of the MOBOs, Britain's urban music awards canceling the nominations of reggae superstars Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel, after they refused to apologize for their lyrics inciting the murder of lesbian and gay people. The MOBOs had been under intense pressure from British LGBT rights group Outrage. (story)

Promoting hate is illegal in Britain.

But, for gay rights groups in this country it is more difficult to attack the singers, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation says." more

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09.08.04 11:02 PM

beautiful hip-hop images

chi modu has taken some beautiful photos of hip-hop's icons. check 'em out at hiphopimages, and link him if you feel his work and want to share it with others.

and then there's the dope media designer ivanroberts, whose looking for feedback on his skills, some work, and some networking with, as he says, "gifted brothers and sisters."

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09.01.04 04:55 PM

let's make a long story short

so y all the job postings on my site lately?

first off the africana listing was for a friend i used to work with at who i'd love to work with at some point in my life again. :-)

with that said. let's just say, i wasn't feeling really fulfilled in my gig. i have been talking awhile about it being time to go, but i really wasn't doing anything about it - not seriously anyway. and then some new director came in, convinced the board of a new structure and a new online group was on its way, but it was moving slowly. so i started to seriously looking elsewhere. and some of the folks who were interested in me, i gotta' tell you i was kind of interested in them too.

long story short. my online team is growing. i got promoted. and so some folks who were taking serious looks at me as a candidate for some posts asked if i could put the word out there for them.

and some of the other job posts have just been my effort to help some friends out by connecting them with some of the most wonderful writers i've met in the past 3 years - that's right you bloggers. many of you who have told me you're serious about media careers. i'm just trying to show you it's all possible if you really want it.

rest of the long and short of it is - with the promotion and the process of transitioning my relationship back to us being in the same place, looking for a new place to live, among a few other professional and personal movements leaves very little of me for blogging. but as i usually do it, i won't be gone too long.

+++++++ and thanks to rocka and j. for the birthday gifts ++++++++++++

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09.01.04 03:42 PM

I'm looking for an online editor

Publication or Company VIBE/SPIN Magazine
Industry Magazine Publishing
Job Duration Full Time
Job Location New York, NY USA

Job Requirements The online editor plays a principal role in the daily publishing of online content and is responsible for assigning and editing original content, as well as working with VIBE magazine staff to plan creative repurposing and integration of magazine content for This position involves daily contact with editors, designers, and writers to produce an online version of VIBE. This job requires job requires journalistic experience in writing and editing combined with experience working with online media. Music and entertainment experience preferable.

The online editor reports to the General Manager, Online and will work closely with the Producer/Designer, Online, as well as the Spin Managing Editor, New Media, and the Mobile Editor/Producer.


• Determine, along with editorial staff, the scope and nature of new media content.
• Effectively use authoring interfaces, content management systems and other electronic publishing tools.
• Repurpose existing content for Web publication.
• Create, review and polish originally generated content for Web publication.
• Handle administrative duties related to daily publication of content.
• Assist general manager in the identification of content needs and creation of weekly editorial calendars.
• Produce and oversee production of specially formatted content used in conjunction with content management system.
• Handle site testing as appropriate.
• Handle other production projects as assigned.
• Work with editorial, design and technical staff to interpret design and systems specifications and translate them into quality Web sites.
• Participate as required in production of site demos and prototypes.
• Contribute to issues of site design, functionality, and architecture.
• Research pertinent copyright issues for Intranet and Internet articles, sources and graphics.
• Other duties, as assigned.


• Four or more years of professional writing, editing, and content production experience; music/entertainment experience required.
• A Bachelors degree in English or Journalism preferred.
• Must be very comfortable working with a computer and able to quickly learn new software and technologies.
• Extensive experience with the Internet and World Wide Web.
• Ability to work with databases, spreadsheets, content management systems, and other electronic publishing tools.
• Familiarity with both Mac and Windows platforms.
• A basic understanding of technological and Web terminology preferred.
• Experience with HTML.
• Knowledge of XML, XHTML, CSS, as well as graphics editing software such as Photoshop and Illustrator will be an additional advantage.
• Familiarity with streaming content and streaming distribution and delivery systems.

About Our Company Salary is competitive with experience and offers great benefits, including participation in medical, dental, vision programs, STD/LTD and life insurance, flexible spending accounts, 401(k) investment plan, vacation and paid holidays.

Contact Human Resources
Email Address
Address 215 Lexington Avenue 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016 USA
Fax (212) 448-7400

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