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12.29.02 12:36 AM

Blast from the Past

Decided to take a little trek through my archives to find out what I was talking about last December. For one, I was partying, attending lots of cultural events, talking about Prince's Rainbow Children disc, wanting an iPod (which I still want BTW), and in grad school FT (without a gig). A lot has changed for me since 2001. I have much to be thankful for at the close of 2002, and I am looking forward to an even more rewarding 2003. See you in the New Year.

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12.28.02 03:53 AM

ATL bound

Looks like the launch will not be until past the Jan 1 dealine. I am ATL bound, and 'bout to be on some real ATLien shiznit. Going to meet T, who has been down there for a week already. And I hope I get to finally meet the boys of DIC. Don't worry I will take lots of pics.

And sorry, I do not know what happened to my comments. I hope they pop back up.

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12.04.02 02:55 AM


Just checking in. Estimated time of return, Jan. 1, 2003. Hopefully with a new design, new commenting, and lots of writing focusing on a day in a life. I miss all my peeps. See you soon! :-)

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