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11.10.02 06:43 PM


Seriously folks, it will be a minute before I get back to blogging so if you are really interested in knowing about my return (I only got 10 responses so far and I know far more of you were reading me regularly) you should hit me up with that email. And if you are wondering why I do not have any time on my hands to blog, just take into consideration that I have a FT gig, teach one course on Tues. and Thurs. eves and another one on Wed. eves, take a course on Fri. eves, am on a panel at this thing in Houston on Friday, trying to finish up an essay on hip-hop etiquette (specifically rhyme battles) for the next anthology in this series, DJing the after party for this event tomorrow, trying to finish up a slew of freelance writing projects, and am nearly five months into a new relationship. And trust, there are a whole lot of other things in my life I have not incorporated into the previous statement. To say the least, my hands are full so keeping up this online diary, reading many of your blogs as frequently as I used to, and chatting on AIM has been cut to a minimum. And though I am not quite sure of the date yet, I will definitely return to writing here again and I will have a new and improved site at that time.

Oh yeah, and check me and John Lee, at the party for Who Shot Ya? back on October 21.

Read about John in this 1994 issue of WIRED. Bet you never thought black hackers existed, but they do.

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