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03.30.02 03:13 PM

continuing living to get out the funk

Last night ended up being pretty cool.'s midnight screening included every Black short film selected for this year's Sundance plus the 2002 category winners of Sundance, Black Hollywood Film Festival and the prestigious Pan African Film Festival of Los Angeles. There were some really great films and now I want to interview dream hampton all the more. Was going to do something for Honey, but they already asked her to write an essay for their "My Life" section. I Am Ali deals with mental health in a way that is very real to me, since I once dated someone who walked down a similar path as the main character played by Ishmael Butler in dream's film. Just wish black folks would talk about mental health issues in the community more. Until we become mentally and spiritually whole, we're never going to see our way clear in this society. All that talk about inclusion and validation (like the Oscars) from the main body, is really not what our problems are all about. Angel and I later got to talking about this with cinematographer, videographer, cultural critic, and visual artist A.J. (Arthur Jaffa: Daughters of the Dust, Malcolm X) and Nicole Moore of the hotness, after the screening. It was a hot discussion that included everything from the Academy Awards, to Buddhism, Zen, and meditation, to the Black Church, to soul music, to religion .vs spirituality, to black mental health, and more.

Only had one class today, so I have lots of time on my hands. Although, I should really start working on my finals and finishing some overdue writing assignments. There are only about two weeks left to the semester. I really look forward to my week off between semesters.

When I stopped by Brooklyn Moon Cafe yesterday, Michael, the proprietor, said he finally got some DJ equipment. He picked up two Pioneer CDJ-100s and a mixer, but said he thought I only spun vinyl so he didn't call me. I told him I'd been messing around with CD mixing a lot lately, so he told me to come through around 9PM with some CDs to spin tonight. Definitely think I'll be doing that.

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03.29.02 09:37 PM

recent publications

If you happen to read The Source or XLR8R, I've got some bit pieces in the current issues available on the newsstands. I'd really like to get into writing longer pieces, but I just don't have all that much time. There will be a few longer pieces coming up in other media outlets in April though.

Here's what I have in the mags:

"Stop the Revolution? Spoken-Word Artist Sarah Jones Sues the FCC," The Source, May '02
"Water it Down," XLR8R, Issue 57, March '02
Reviews: "Fila Brazillia: Jump Leads," XLR8R, Issue 57, March '02

And I've decided to share the entire FB review with you here:

That Fila Brazillia are a decade-long mainstay in fueling the electronica sound is no surprise. With their eighth release, Jump Leads, the Hull-based dynamic duo of Dave McSherry and Steve Cobby push atmospheric beats, ethereal breaks, and lush grooves to new heights. Seamlessly blending live instrumentation with digital concoctions, on this offering FB serves up an 11-track aural soul orgasm that borders closely to spiritualism. Eerily emotive vocals from Steve Edwards on "Spill the Beans," "We Build Arks," "Nightfall," and "The Green Grass Grows of Homegrown," are partly responsible for these mystical manifestations. Yet instrumentalism is still the duo's power, as the uptempo drum-kick funk on "Motown Coppers," "DNA," and "Monk's Utterance," displays. Overall Jump Leads is a splendidly groovy vibe, with a little 2-step experimentation and Africanism mixed in.

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03.29.02 07:34 AM

sometimes living is the best medicine

Angel has been a dear in trying to help me get out of my funk. She insists I should not be alone when feeling the way I do. Or simply sitting at home contemplating the past. I mean damn though, I still really want to be with D. But you can not force ish. I just think about it everyday though. Is there anything I can do to change this? Probably not. Or maybe it is simply too soon to say or tell. Anyway, last Saturday we (Angel and I) went to see Tamar-Kali at BAM Cafe and I realized just how much I miss all that black bohemian stuff. Been a long time since I've been in that mix, and it really felt good. Tamar-Kali is a singer and Greg Tate's wife.

Here's what the BAM Cafe program says about Tamar:

Harnessing hardcore-tinged rock with melodic inflections of soul, Tamar-Kali performs Pseudoacoustic Siren Songs, a passionate expression of original material that incorporates intense rock, soul, and alternative music.

Tonight, dream hampton invited Angel to see her film, I Am Ali, at a
screening at Lincoln Center. Think I just might check that out with her. No use sitting around the house as I've been doing. It isn't bringing D. back to me. Also there are no classes tonight. Thank God.

I feel as if I have aged dramatically in the past year, specifically in the past few months. Time to make a change. Start a new regimen. Alter the paradigm.

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03.28.02 03:31 PM

in search of web analytics

Been using sitemeter on the blog and webalizer on the overall site, but after viewing extremetracking's options, I think I might switch over. At least for the overall site tracking. It seems to do a better job with tracking referrers and such.

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03.28.02 12:38 AM

google hasn't indexed me yet

I'm really not getting why the google bots have not spidered my pages yet so that this custom site search tool that I put on here could work. Hope it's not the CSS the bots are having difficulty with. What's the point of having a search-my-site tool if it doesn't work?

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03.27.02 08:10 PM

spending time with my niece

My niece and I are like two peas in a pod. I swear everyone in my family feels she is my second coming. It's just that I ain't dead yet, so that can't actually be the case.

This relationship goes back to her early days. She's only 12. My sister had to go back to work after having her, and in many ways, other than the sitter, I became a primary caretaker. Later, as I moved out of the family home, she spent many of her weekends with me in Brooklyn. There were times, as a toddler, she would simply stare at me. Even now, I seem to be an amazement to her. Not too long ago, while I was napping, I woke up to her in my face, rubbing my cheek and sideburn. Put it this way, we are tight.

We bikeride together, go to movies together, learn new dances together, and we really talk. Although she is a child, she challenges and analyzes the status quo. She offers a fresh perspective on the nature of adults, the world, politcs, science, religion. She's been an amazement to me.

Lately, I ride up to the Bronx on Tuesdays and pick her up from school to take her to her dance classes in Mt. Vernon. This is our time together, since my weekends have become more and more limited. Last week, we spent considerable time together after her dance class, looking for her birthday gift and talking about her life at school over dinner. Yesterday, was a little different though. She had an Easter performance at school and my mother was with us. Granted, I have a lot of stress in my life right now. Trying to complete the semester with as many A's as possible, going through a break up (for which I am at fault), beginning a job search for the gig I really want after I complete my MBA, financial strain, and so much more.

So there I was yesterday stressed out with my mom being there. Such a different dynamic. And, well, Mom, gotta' love her, but buttons she tends to push. And yesterday just wasn't the day. I am not a crier per se, but lately, maybe because I am getting older (in female years this means a number of things), or simply b/c there are so many stressful things going on in my life, I've shed a few too many tears. It's really strange for me. Since my pops went on to join the ancestors when I was 16, I kind of stopped crying. But lately...

Anyway, the mix of mom and my stress kind of pushed me over the edge. And all of a sudden, I felt this face near mine, breathing from the backseat of the car, with a hand rubbing my shoulder. I didn't think about it then, but my niece has never seen me cry. Never. This had to be a shock to her system. I felt her wishing she could help me to stop. She offered kind words, and even tried to quell the situation between mom and I. As I was driving home, I wondered if that might have been difficult for her. Seeing me cry. I even called the house today to apologize to her and talk with her about it, but she wasn't home. Later today, I received a definitive answer. My sister called to say that my niece told her that grandma made auntie cry and that she has never seen auntie cry. I told my sister I wondered if it affected her, and she said it did. I'm sure her image of me will now be changed forever. Makes me realize I have to get a hold of myself. Have to stop letting the circumstances of my life weigh me down.

For instance, I've had strains of gray hair for a little bit now. It's hereditary. My pop's side grays quite early. No big deal. But I've noticed a lot more lately.

Back in the fall, I dyed my hair brown and started trying to grow this afro. You see, for the majority of the '90s, I had locs. They had been bronze, red, and even blonde. So I didn't even know I was graying then. Then I went short and shorter, and shorter. And noticed they were there. So in the fall, although I wasn't ready to loc again, I began growing this 'fro. I soon tired of it, and went back to this brush cut, but when I did, I noticed that in the few months I had my hair dyed more grays started sprouting up. This has got to be the stress. I mean, I don't even have the body I once had. I'm talking a few cuts here and there. I don't eat or sleep the way I used to. And now, that I have affected my niece in such a way that she sees me in a different light it makes me realize that I've got to pull the pieces together. I've got to get myself back into meditation mode.

Can't believe I'm writing all this personal stuff in here. Can't believe it at all. I'm really a private person and somewhat of an introvert. But I think in writing this here, I am partaking in a form of catharsis and giving myself a true wake up call. My life ain't that bad. At least folks who see the external accomplishments will probably believe that. But you know, we are all our own worst enemies. And I guess I've been my best enemy for a few months now.

Well, I just spoke with my niece on the phone. She says she is alright about what happened yesterday and that she loves me. Time now to continue loving myself and dealing with this break up.

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03.26.02 01:41 PM

mirror, mirror on the wall

Following in trayc's footsteps, I've been accepted to the mirror project, here
and here. I could never figure out what to do with all those photos I took of myself in the mirror over the summer until I dropped by trayc's log and saw what she did with her reflection. Thanks girl.

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03.25.02 04:52 PM

halle's win

Whoa, how's that for making ugly faces and still looking beautiful? What an amazing night it was for black folks last night. Go visit Cecily if you want to discuss.

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03.21.02 10:10 PM

you are where you live

smelly stopped by my blog last night and not only did we find out we had a lot in common, but thanks to him I got hip to you are where you live. Found out that folks in my zip code fall into quite a few interesting categories, which include:

Young Literati
Bohemian Mix
Urban Achievers
Latino America
Inner Cities
Metro Mix
Successful Singles
Difficult Times
Urban Up And Comers
Struggling Metro Mix

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03.21.02 11:24 AM

kicking afrobeat linguistics

Going to keep it thorough and continue with this world music/beat theme. Afrobeat specifically that is. While searching for various information, I ran across an essay entitled A linguistic approach to Fela Kuti's lyrics.

It's an interesting read. I interpret it as Fela's language/lyrics working as a turntable and cross fader does. Bringing together various elements of sound from various sources, the way he did in his music. Fela is like the mix master of tongue.

"What Fagborun calls code-mixing - in his eyes `the most interesting of all modes of communication in the Yoruba territories - strongly inheres in Fela Kuti`s lyrics. Code-mixing `may, at times, comprise Yoruba, English and/or Pidgin in one and the same sentence, depending on the level of education of the speaker`. We can certainly state, that these lyrics supply a good example of the linguistic phenomenon that nowadays is called `code-changing`, or `code-mixing`. (With regard to their time of release, the lyrics are probably also a kind of early `official' prototype of this linguistic mode.) Linguists evaluate this phenomenon against the background of contact between languages which evolves `the interweaving of linguistic elements from different sources`. Le Page and Tabouret distinguish between `focused' language, indicating that the speaker is aware of the linguistic elements of his/her language, or parts of it, and oppositely `diffuse' language which obviously comes about as an unconscious result of linguistic environment. These are not two strictly separated stereotypes of language, but in between processes like pidginization and creolistion have their origin and are at work. This is an interesting aspect of the development of languages, for one can hardly declare that linguistic changes as such derive from conscious processes. On the other hand there are various fields of human activity in which language is subject to change, as individuals or distinct groups use language on their own behalf. This includes variation and innovation in linguistic terms which, above all, oppose to language conventions. These linguistic alterations are frequently bound to social processes where language is activated merely in order to provoke or to serve a particular purpose like conveying discontent. This applies to Fela Kuti's lyrics. On the whole, I assume that the words and phrases he uses are thorougly chosen. I even presume that, concerning his contextual ambition, he occasionally varies the type of language. In Original Sufferhead, for instance, he uses the STE preposition `from' when addressing those who are not in Nigeria but in London or New York. On the other hand he uses the NP preposition `for' when Africa is concerned. Yet, this assumption can not be proved in this paper. Nevertheless, Nigerian Pidgin is the prevailing language in the lyrics, and occasionally the Yoruba particles just seem to be perfectly fitting with the musical arrangement."

Angelique Kidjo has a new album out, and the LA Weekly writer Judith Lewis
does a pretty good job of explaining her sound. Americans are sure funny. They steal a sound, sample it, and reprocess it as if it is their very own ish, but they can not understand how all music is based on a universal coming together of sonics. What does it mean that African music, is supposed to sound African? Is it the way David Byrne and Paul Simon present it? Is that the African sound? Really digging that Kidjo sees her music as a particle of the African cultural continuum. I'm telling you, if you want to hear some real African funk that you can get your groove on to, check Angelique Kidjo's sound.

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03.20.02 12:37 PM

she's back

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
Without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you"
- Eric B and Rakim, "I Know You Got Soul"

I am part of a triumvirate today. Check out the tribute to fela and afrosoul at
. I wrote one of the features.

Yes, it's true, hip-hop isn't the only music I know something about. And just in case you're wondering about some of the other activities that keep me away from blogging, check out my article on Akim the Funk Buddha and Dha Fuzion in ai Magazine. Of course it looks much better in print than on the Web. The print version has nice, colorful photographs. I took a couple of them with my trusty Nikon Coolpix 950. It's probably the best little digital camera for the prosumer out there.

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03.16.02 11:05 PM

george says, blog when you can

Thanks george for reminding me it doesn't matter who thinks my blog is wack, and that I am doing very important things with my life so I shouldn't be worried about when I can and can't blog. I really needed that. Between these tests I'm taking at school, the ill stuff going on in my relationship, and the writing deadlines that I'm still not meeting, I should care less about who the blood clot likes my blog. I got enough to worry about.

Damn, I gotta' start DJing again. Didn't realize how much I missed it. This was a stressful weekend at school, so when I came home I decided to set up two CD players and craft a mix on MD. Now I gotta' try and burn it to CD and share it with other folks. I am very proud of it, especially since I can't control the pitch/speed and other things like with a CD mixer or turntables. I simply used a mixer and two CD players. This mix came out really well, and I don't usually pat myself on the back about these things. But now I want to start rocking my vinyl again. Real bad. Gotta' get some new decks. The old ones had to go bye-bye. I'm listening to the mix as I type right now. It is packing so much heat I can't even stand myself. Damn.

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03.15.02 01:23 AM

am i an outspoken and unabashed centrist...

Stopped by
and noticed that Laura grouped me with a couple of other bloggers as "Outspoken and unabashed centrists/leftists/social libertarians/political Libertines." I hope that's a good thing.

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03.14.02 08:39 PM

in heavy rotation today

in heavy rotation today
vikter duplaix :: dj kicks
future sounds of jazz :: vol. 8
club bugaloo :: unlimited freestyles out of nowhere
soul addiction
red star sounds :: vol. 1

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03.14.02 02:01 AM

The world done gone mad.

Some crazy ish was about to jump off on ebay. Lost papers of Malcolm X were about to be auctioned off on the site. But after family members said they would sue the sale was called off.

Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as Black Panther H. Rap Brown, was sentenced to life in prison without any hope for parole. He was convicted of shooting two Fulton County deputies on March 16, 2000, after they came to his store to serve him with an arrest warrant on charges of receiving stolen property and impersonating a police officer. In his defense, his lawyers pleaded that it was a conspiracy and that the government has been out to get him since the '60s.

As the US government becomes more and more desperate in the war that just won't quit, the latest military move may set off a nuclear war. If it's merely a bluff, it is likely that Osama will call that bluff and raise the game. Didn't 9-11 illustrate that death is not something these folks are scared of? That they will die for their beliefs? It has been proven. If this new threat is actually carried out, it will of course do more harm than good.

And now the craziest news of the day. DC just may give Tyson license to fight Lewis. OK, I know this fight will bring in mucho dolares, but hasn't Mad Mike been given just a few too many chances to prove, well, that he is a mad man? There's no telling what stunts he'll pull if he actully gets into the ring with Lewis.

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03.13.02 09:32 PM

rush hour ain't so bad

Under normal circumstances, I despise rush hour. Why do they call it rush hour anyway? Everything seems to move much slower than during the hours when it's not rush hour. But anyway, as I was saying, most often, rush hour puts me in a foul mood. Not today though. On my way home, I was actually in a good mood. First, as I entered the train station, there were about four young men, playing an old Michael Jackson song on a boom box. They were breakdancing, flipping, spinning, jumping, popping, and locking. They put a smile on my face. Then as I went down the stairs to my train's platform, I heard some music. There was a guy sitting on a box, with one of those karaoke machines singing his little heart out. And dude could really blow. Again, I smiled. Usually, on the trip home, I'm in a bad mood. Can't find a seat on the train, folks pushing, shoving, and rushing. But today was a good day. I even got a seat. And to top it off the first train that arrived was the express. I can't believe I was able to feel elated even though the pouring rain had been depleting my energy all day.

Got an interesting call from the Ananda Lewis show the other day. They read my article on called Young, Black, Gifted—and Gay, and it appears they want to do a show on homo thugs or DL brothers. Not that they were calling me to be an expert on the show, but instead wanted to know if I had any contacts. I ended up hooking them up with some folks, and I hope it all works out. Maybe I'll at least get a free ticket to the taping. Speaking of gay black men, my interview with James Earl Hardy in Mosaic is generating a lot of buzz. You oughta' go cop that issue.

On another note, I ran across a cool blog today. Random Blog Quotes is a blog that randomly aggregates quotes from various blogs. Pretty cool.

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03.11.02 12:38 PM

too ill to post

Last week, when I was ill a couple of days I realized I don't have as much time to hold this blog down as I did in
or February. Between full time graduate school and various odd jobs, as my
illustrates, and extensive freelance writing on the Web and in magazines, blogging everyday is just not happening.

I'm trying to do my best, but these other things take priority in my life. And now with the end of the semester approaching, and more writing assignments that are past deadline, and various new ones due, the time I can allot to blogging is very slim. So if you're hating on my blog, I suppose you have the right to. I too realize it is not the best blog it can be. Although I will still try to post at least once a week, I can't make any promises.

In the meantime, check out some of these other bloggers. These are folks who I think really understand what a blog is supposed to be.

Check them out:
allaboutgeorge — one man's life: it's enough to make you URL
cecily — shallow and insipid since 2001
jason — the mind of a miled mannered negro
staceyann chin — poetry in motion
zakia — :: an act of resistance :: an act of love

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03.08.02 12:00 AM

teens and plastic surgery

I almost couldn't believe it when I read it. It was in AlterNet yesterday.

"Teens are seeking nose reshaping, breast augmentation and liposuction, thinking of them as quick solutions to their adolescent self-image problems."

How scary is that shit? Of course you'd have to have the money to do it. But why would anyone under 18 ever consider plastic surgery? Is that what you were thinking about at that age? "Damn, I wish my breasts were bigger?" Never did I once. Or how about, "I want to look like Barbie?" Get the hell outta' here. If I had a kid, and even if I were filthy rich, no way would that kid get plastic surgery. Rich folks just don't know what to do with their money do they? And please don't tell me that the teenage years are the worst self-esteem years, and plastic surgery would help a teen get through those years. What are you, crazy? That's for those of you who believe it's alright to let kids have plastic surgery. As if looking like Barbie would make my life as a Black woman in America any easier.

Anyway, read it for yourself. The Young and The Plastic, then you decide.

Somebody prove to me that it makes sense that teens accounted for three percent of all the plastic surgeries performed last year. And maybe it's nothing new to you, but we just don't get down like that in the 'hood. Somebody's mamma'd pimp slap 'em before she'd let the fool get some plastic surgery. Of all the ridiculous ish in the world.

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03.07.02 12:47 AM

vikter duplaix sensuality video

Thanks to Tahir, I got an opportunity to download the Vikter Duplaix Sensuality video. Adds a whole new meaning to the song. Now if I can just complete that review of his DJ Kicks joint. Check out this review from the Philadelphia Weekly.

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03.05.02 10:04 PM

quoted in the rock and rap poll

Back on 02.21.02, Trent Fitzgerald emailed me to let me know that the Rock and Rap Poll for the best of 2001 used one of my quotes in the print edition. Well, I finally got the print edition, and I don't come off sounding as stoopid as I thought I would. But Trent was right, instead of stuff, I should have said ish or shit. I was commenting on the aftermath of 9.11 and what was going on with hip-hop music.

Here goes what they quoted:

"One of the most tragic things about it all was that I really expected hip-hop to take another turn. A turn for the better. A step in a direction away from lyrics about the many cars one drives and how fat their bankroll may be. I guess I expected hip-hop to become more vocal about political and social issues. To rage a war with its lyrics. Instead, the corporate commercial machine churned out the same old stuff." — Lynne d Johnson, Brooklyn, NY.

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03.04.02 10:46 PM

how could you forget to renew your domain?

How stupid could one Web property get? I guess that is what happens when folks don't really know the Internet biz. I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was interviewing Selwyn Hinds, who was to spearhead Russell Simmons' latest venture. In this interview for back in June 2000, Hinds was very confident, cocky even, that what had to offer would be like no other hip-hop property online. It was Simmons'attempt to make a wave on the Web. To be the be all and end all for everything hip-hop. The site had a severely delayed launch with poorly functioning tools and features. Yet it featured some of the best editorial content, that perhaps no one ever read. Basically, hits to the site were never enough to squawk at. When it came to Black online survival, the winners were always BlackPlanet, BET, and BlackVoices. That was then this is now. Shortly after, bought 360. And then the entire BET property—cable and interactive was swallowed up by Viacom. But the interactive vision was to still let what Simmons founded,, maintain its own voice. Well guess that is very unlikely now that the domain is up for grabs. You'd figure someone would have remembered to keep making payments to keep the domain on lock. It is only like $35/year or something. Anyway, the community are talking about this in their rumor mill, as are the folks hanging out at UrbanExpose.

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03.04.02 01:16 AM

monster's ball and blog haters

D. and I saw Monster's Ball this weekend. But I don't even want to discuss how that movie was more hype than it was actually brilliant. But I will give Halle credit. It was probably her best performance, and that is not to mention the Dorothy Dandridge story, since she played a crack head alongside Samuel L Jackson in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever. As much as this movie is about race, I think it is about redemption and transformation. Both Berry's and Thornton's characters were both transformative and redemptive. I did not get this sense of white man comes to save the day as I thought I would. In some ways it seemed to even be more about transgression. As if Thornton's character was more or less trying to make up for all the wrong he had done in his life.

Been wondering if I would see Queen of the Damned, but now since reading Armond White's review in NY Press I think I might. I didn't want some evil image of the young artist to be the last image I remembered of her. But White paints a portrait that creates this villanous character, at least as played by Aaliyah, as one that is too sexy and too cute to be thought evil.

I'm also not trying to think about this one too much, but am seriously wondering what is it that makes one hate a blog. I mean really, come on folks. Some people, I know, would rather read the personal—insights from someone's daily life. And then others may want to see someone become this cultural critic on their diary pages on the Web. Sorry folks, that isn't what you will get here, I already do that in my professional life. Just click on the links for Print or Web writing on the left nav to see how I respond to media and entertainment. And I get paid for that too. So no need to repeat what I do professionally, on a personal level. This place here, is the same kind of medium to me as any other journal that I would write in. And if you don't like it, that's cool too. So hate on. But truth be told, the more you hate on my blog, the more I'm going to keep showing up in the best of the Blog Hop category. You'd probably do your self a better service if you just ignored me. Over there, it's even more about the fact that I have several votes than it is about how many folks are hating on me. Now see if your Ph.D. (that's playa' hata' degree for those of you who don't know) will actually improve your own blog, or even your life for that matter. Peace. I'm out.

BTW, if you're looking at this site in anything under IE 5 or Netscape 4.7, you should probably update your browser. You'd actually be able to view the design a lot better. And for you AOL browser users, well, I'll just leave it at that.

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03.03.02 08:22 PM

basically, i need more time

Just when I was truly getting into being a blogger and was about to change my whole style of posting to this blog, it seems I've been zapped by the limited time factor. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be intensely into creating documents to receive the maximum grades that I can achieve in my second semester of this MBA Media Management Program. One more semester to go and I will have achieved my goal. Well at least one goal in my life. Later this week, I'll either post something from my personal life, or link you folks to whatever is happening in media that I might have some thoughts on.

I've also got a few writing assignments that I have to complete, pronto. I'm waiting to see this Red Clay Catalog for this in studio series they did at BRIC studio. I have a piece in there on The Church of the Living Womb and have yet to see how it came out. I hear it leads with a write up Greg Tate once wrote in the Village Voice that goes a little something like this "These hoodoo-hollerin hip-hop love goddesses/performance priestesses are to yo' mamma's Pentecostal prayer group what Parliament-Funkadelic is to the Age of Aquarius..."

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03.01.02 11:50 PM

I'm a best blog

I've made it into the best blogs category over at Blog Hop, but it appears I have some haters. That's cool, everyone doesn't have to love my blog, but at least check out the rest of the site, before you decide that I don't have anything meaningful to say. Really dig in and see what I'm about. Not only on this blog, but take a peek at my bio, my writing credits, etc. before you make up your mind. I know it's true that you can't please everybody, and I'm not reallly trying to do that, but I do know that most people who visit this site only look at the diary and somehow think that's all there is. Anyway for those of you who have enjoyed dropping by to visit the past couple of months, please take the time out to rate me on Blog Hop. Thanks.

Here are the ratings. Just click on the one you think best fits.
the best the best
pretty good pretty good
ok okay
pretty bad pretty bad
the worst the worst

On another note, all day, I have been meaning to ask george and cecily what does rabbit rabbit really mean.

- dead matter from lynne d :: a day in a life

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