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06.09.02 04:51 PM

another thing about my trip to france

How could I forget? At the airport, coming back, they searched my bags in Nice. Only about two other members of my traveling group received the same treatment. I did notice that as soon as I said I had electronic equipment, they appeared concerned. So they pull me over to the side and begin a search through my bags. It really wasn't that bad. I didn't feel violated or anything like that. The most interesting thing about it was that they made me take the disc and batteries out of my digital camera and I had to do the same with my Gameboy. Once I was cleared, they put a stamp on my bags. Going through the metal detectors was also a little interesting, we had to remove our shoes and put them on the conveyor belt with our bags. Funny, I hadn't thought about this incident the whole time since I've been back. Perhaps because I'm watching the original movie "The Jackal," on A&E my memory was prompted.

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