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02.27.02 12:16 AM

an old typewriter and electro hip-hop

Last week was really interesting. I conducted this interview on Friday that was a little out of the ordinary. It was with Anti Pop Consortium. Their label, Warp Records
is putting out a new release April 1. And their management team, Ozone Management is working on updating their site to get ready for the release. Anyway, Tomas from XLR8R was looking for a New York writer to locate a manual typewriter and to hook up with these guys to let them freestyle on the keys. Talk about retro. Well, I was up to the challenge. I jumped at the opportunity, remembering that I knew Beans from back in the '90s when lots of these spoken word cats like Mike Ladd, and Saul Williams were making their rounds about the city. I used to cover the scene for this mag called Freedom Rag, and also was a spoken word head at the time. Yes, I used to spit the ill flow.

Well, I couldn't find a typewriter anywhere. So I was about to do this on a laptop. But it was against the premise of what XLR8R had conjured up for the story. Luckily Warp Records came through with a circa 1950s machine, and it was all good. Beans reminded me that we first met at Fez through Greg Tate. Yeah, the Village Voice writer Greg Tate. That was back when Tate had that awesome band Women In Love. Just remembering now that when Angel Williams used to manage Tate's band, I was doing some work with her. That was pre kokobar and pre being black. (See entry from 02.13.02 to find out more about Angel.) Anyway, ish sure does come full circle in life. And sometimes writing about this stuff again, arts and culture stuff that is, really makes me miss the scene that once was in NYC in the 90s. But hey you can't turn back the sands of time. You have to keep forging ahead. Everything must change.

Well, anyway, I won't get into too much of what happened at the interview at Brooklyn Moon Cafe on Friday. You'll have to wait for the article to come out, just like everyone else will. Wow, that's really a flashback. I used to conduct all my interviews @ BMC. It was like my little office. Even once did a fasion photo shoot there when I worked at the hip-hop rag BeatDown. It's the place I first stepped up to the mic, and let the spoken word be unheard. Gotta' get out of this time machine here, and proceed to try and finish this story before you get bored.

Needless to say, the interview went really well, as did the freestyle. Can't wait to see what XLR8R will do with it. It was a crazy day for me though. I was running around, trying to register my car and get this interview done, and then get to class on time. Yet, I don't think I would have it any other way. Sometimes my mom says that running around means you are running from something, probably yourself. Not sure how much I agree with her on that one. Sometimes, running around is necessary for survival. It becomes a must.

On another note. Here are some thoughts from my personal life. I thought that over the weekend, D. and I had made some progress and were on the road to recovery. But now I don't know. Something happened tonight that I think will affect us for some time to come. Just when the going gets good, the bottom falls out. Hey, don't quote me on that one it's not an old adage or anything. I think I made it up.

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