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10.13.06 05:18 PM Raises The Bar

In the latest cover story of Strive Magazine, there's an interview with Jacqueline N. Howell, a fromer associate at Davis & Gilbert LLP who has represented Matthew Knowles (Beyonce's Father), R & B singer Chris Brown, SwishaHouse Records and Nu America Ad Agency, among other entertainment properties. She now serves as General Counsel, SVP of Business Development & Legal Affairs at This could only mean one thing, AHH is ready to do it real big.

A dominant force in hip-hop entertainment online -- having recenlty been lauded with accolades from Black Enterprise, among others -- traffic wise, AHH can not be rivaled. When it comes to site design, functionality, and overall content direction, it's an entirely different story of course. Same goes for its advertising strategy, as they're just not getting the campaigns they should based on the # of eyeballs they're reaching. Perhaps this is just the force they need to get them on the right track and to become the leader they should be.

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