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12.30.07 03:53 PM

All I Wanted for Christmas: Gap Vespa

gap_vespa.gif Ever since I first saw this 2007 Limited Edition Vespa LX 50 in a Custom 'Crazy Stripe' Design by Gap in a Gap catalog, I was drawn to it. Then when I was in San Francisco a month ago and actually saw it in a Gap store, I was drawn to it even more. But, I wasn't paying $5,999 for a scooter, though there was another way I could have gotten one -- all I had to do was enter the GapTIDINGS video contest. Sounds easier than it actually is of course. I'm sure my lack of video content on this site reveals that I don't have the patience to not less film video, but to actually edit it.

Anyway, the winners of the contest were recently announced. Either there weren't a lot of entries or really good entries couldn't get any votes, because other than the "Stopmotion Holiday Greeting," the others were simply ok. Damn, I guess that's a lesson learned for me. I should have taken the time to create on after all. I expected stiffer competition.

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