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04.24.07 04:30 PM

Ad:tech Experience

So this morning I opened the ad:tech San Francisco Conference with a keynote interview with Brian P. McAndrews. CEO of aQuantive. Apparently it didn't go over as well as I thought it did. According to Rebecca Lieb of ClickZ and someone at AdvertiseSpace I'm too laid back, too New York, and very inexperienced at interviewing and speaking in public.

There's a live blog at Bruce Clay Inc. and Steve Hall posts at both Adrants and ad:tech blog about the keynote.

Oh well, you can't win everybody over. Hopefully somebody there got something out of the keynote. Just as I was blogging this two women approached me to tell me how much they enjoyed the keynote, and they weren't the first I've met in this manner since this morning.

As I said about winning everyone over, not everyone can be pleased by all types of presentations. Also, as both a blogger and a journalist I too am often looking for "the more" or "the wow" or "the takeaway" of everything and end up being extremely critical because of it. So it's all understood.

(Update) More coverage of ad:tech SF opening keynote, "The Digital Decade What the Past 5 Years Can Teach Us About the Next 5":

The Digital Decade: What the Past 5 Years Can Teach Us About the Next 5 (via iMedia Connection)
Prepare for Digital Integration (via Internet Marketing and Technology News)
Prepare for digital integration, ad:tech keynoter warns (via DM News)

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