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12.06.01 10:05 PM

Adario Strange's Mars Magazine

Adario Strange, one of the biggest techno geeks I know, sent me an email the other day to tell me that he might be taking Mars magazine to print. That would be cool. Especially since there is no more Artbyte. Mars kind of picks up where Omni left off. Hopefully I'll get to write some cool tech and sci fi stuff for Adario. I did a Q&A with Adario back when I was at BlackPlanet, it was kind of interesting. We talked about future culture, black folx, and web culture. You can check out this link to see what we talked about.

Ok, I know I sound pretty boring right now. Not in a great mood. To be honest, I think most of this diary sounds boring, but folx keep bigging it up and are telling me that I must keep it up. Perhaps, I just don't have the writing skillz anymore. Maybe I am all written out. Can't craft a sentence the way I know I oughta'. To be young and so very overwhelmed by life, oh what a shame.

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