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06.03.05 02:50 AM

The Wonderful Musical Baton

...was passed to me by Elisa Camahort, and I'm answering the call

Total volume of music files on my computer:

9.04 GB of music in my Library. There's another 4.60 GB on the iPod that isn't synched with the iTunes. That's 2304 songs on iTunes and 1097 songs on the iPod, which should enable me to shuffle for 6.1 days + 3.1 days and never hear the same song twice.

Last CD I bought was…

Hmm...I don't really purchase CDs since I get a lot for review purposes and most of my purchasing comes from the iTunes music store. A peek in my purchased music list shows that I last bought 2 singles on 4.9.05 and they were Mike Jones' "Still Tippin'" and Amerie's "1 Thing". (And I did go to the iTunes store this week and think long and hard about purchasing Kem's album.) In terms of physical CDs, I last donated money toward 2 mixed CDs. They were DJ Jay Faire - Top 20 Reggae #4 and Cash Money Mixed by Scrachy D - Reggae Mix 2K5 Pt. 2.

Song playing right now:

"Black Wonders Of The World" - Billy Paul

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:

(Let me preface this by saying nowadays I tend to listen to a lot of Sirius at home, and mixed CDs and other stuff people send me to check out at work. But if I have to choose, then...)

1. Dirty Harry by Gorillaz
2. Welcome To Jamrock by Damian Jr. Gong Marley
3. Go by Common
4. So Seductive by Tony Yayo & 50 Cent
5. The Hearts' A Lonely Hunter by Theievery Corporation

This is not part of the meme, but I'd also like to add as a bonus track Kanye West's Diamonds, which prompted me to find an MP3 of the original Shirly Bassey Diamonds Are Forever James Bond Theme. Both make for great listening.

And the baton moves to…
• del f cowie
• harold m. clemens
• michaelangelo matos
• ray garraud
• cinque hicks

(Now I'm not telling these folks I'm calling them out, let's just see if they take up the charge. Two I met at the EMP Pop conference, and they had provided some link love prior to that. Another two have me on their blogrolls, and another one may not even know I exist. What I'm trying to do here is get to know more about the music that the people behind the blogs I read listen to. I already know what all of my blogfam listens to - so that's why I haven't passed the baton to any of my usual suspects. Yet that doesn't preclude them from giving the meme a try.)

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