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02.23.05 04:27 PM

50 pushes release date up

Who is leaking The Massacre? Perhaps it's 50 his own self. He leaked "Disco Inferno" and I'm sure his hand was in leaking the video too. (I would put it on my own server and link to it, but nah, I'm not trying to waste my bandwidth.) In the meantime, he's pushing The Massacre release date up to March 3 - since the tracks are leaking all over the place. The full album leaked too, but personally I think 50 and some of the producers are doing all the leaking. Shit, I ougta' do my own leak, for a limited time of course. 50 Cent - "Ski Mask Way" (produced by Disco D) Track 10 off The Massacre.

Addendum: And here's the track listing I have thus far for the album, with my one liner commentary following ...

1. Intro (Produced by Eminem) - gunshots and lullabies baby

2. In My Hood (Produced by C. Styles and Bang Out) - sounds like he's still tryin' to get rich or die tryin'

3. This is 50 (Produced by Black Jeruz and Sha Money XL) - gangsta' talk over some minimalist rolling keyboard melodies

4. I'm Supposed To Die Tonight (Produced by Eminem) - eerie sounding West Coast NWA - type joint

5. Piggy Bank (Produced by Needlz) - usual 50 hilarious beef

6. Gatman and Robbin' (Produced by and Featuring Eminem) - sounds a lot like batman with more guntalk but on some very Slim Shady vibe

7. Candy Shop (Produced by Scott Storch Featuring Olivia) - reminds us of Lil Kim's Magic Stick doesn't it

8. Out Of Control (Produced by Dr. Dre and Mike Elizondo) - Strafe's "Set It Off" sung from 50s lips though it's supposed to be another "In Da' Club" it's not

9. Get In My Car (Produced by Hi-Tek) - the track's production is hooooot as 50 does a PIMP part II

10. Ski Mask Way (Produced by Disco D) - do we really believe he's still going around being a stick-up kid? but anyway this track is so dark - bluesy sounding - hot

11. A Baltimore Love Thing (Produced by Cue Beats) - here he reveals his genius - he's the drugs you love

12. Ryder Music (Produced by Hi Tek) - another dope production job - definitely for the riding G's - cool and laid back - and 50 gets a lil introspective

13. Disco Inferno (Produced by C. Styles and Bang Out) - a true sexual party track

14. Just A Lil Bit (Produced by Scott Storch) - a fun sounding teasing sexual joint

15. Gunz Come Out (Produced by Dr. Dre and Mike Mike Elizondo) - have you ever seen the movie Warriors?

16. My Toy Soldier (Produced by Eminem featuring Tony Yayo) - starts off sounding like the circus and the lyrics get into egotistical territory

17. Position of Power (produced by jonathan jr rotem) - a tale of money and power from the east to the west

18. Build You Up (produced by scott storch and featuring jamie foxx) - an actual love song in the tradition of 21 Questions

19. Gad Gave Me My Style (produced by Needlz) - introspective - with a message - props to god

20. So Amazing (produced by jonathan jr rotem and featuring olivia) - R&B sex track on a real sensual intimacy tip

21. I Don't Need Em (produced by Buckwild) - drug tales over ghostfaces' "metal lungies"

22. Hate It Or Love It Remix (produced by cool and dre and featuring g unit) - this should've been a 50 song to begin with

Overall opinion - It feels like Game's Documentary should have been a 50 album. This one is alright but not great, though it's not sophomore slumpish either. It kinda' does what Eminem's Encore does, shows that once a rapper becomes a business man and has several projects in his hands his own project will suffer. Whereas GRODT contained tracks that you wanted to bang in the club and the hooks were ingrained in your head whether you needed that or not, Massacre is more like a mixtape - a street album featuring strategically placed tracks for the ladies.

update 3.2.05: see straight bangin's take on recently released interscope projects

update 3.3.05: you could just go over to and listen to the leak

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